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Mememto Mori Mini Skull with Diamonds & Cross friendship bracelet.

This adorable miniature skull will become your daily companion, once on your wrist, you will never let him go!...

A cross between a rosary and a friendship bracelet, this piece is made of natural black ebony beads strung on a dusty pink nylon cord.
These beads are particularly soft to the touch...
The cross charm is of 925 Sterling Silver, so is the closure engraved with 'Suicide Blonde".
The miniature skull, made of oxidised 925 Sterling Silver, is set with two natural diamonds in its eyes.

The bracelet's length is adjustable, suitable for a 14cm to a 22cm wrist.
In the latest case, the string will be pulled to the maximum!

Handmade in London by Suicide Blonde.

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